Training Courses

As the training specialist for a small business, I was sometimes called on to create training programs for specific businesses. The following links lead to some of the handouts I gave to the classes. (Note: although these were all prepared for instructor-led, classroom courses, I have also taught one on one and online, using the Go To Training (Go To Meeting) interface. Each link will open a new page in your browser.

Outlook 2007 for PRH: This client had been using Google for all of their emails and migrated to Outlook in 2014-2015.

Creating rules in Outlook 2007


The next set of instructions were created for another client who kept Windows XP until the latest possible date.  When they made the change to Windows 7, they had to have their many users switch their printers as well.  Instead of handling each request separately, it was decided that I would write some instructions for the users to do it themselves and then call if they had trouble.  Here are the instructions: Changing Printers


Another class I created for PowerPoint users who wanted to do some minimal work on graphics but didn’t have an actual graphics program.

Editing graphics in PowerPoint


The following classes are all Excel classes. Excel was by far the most frequently requested class that I taught. Sometimes, instead of getting a long class that touched on the basics, clients wanted something more in depth and centered on one topic or another. Because of that, I created ‘Focused Seminars’ that did just that:

Automating Tasks (Macros)

Instructor Notes on Excel Formula & Function Basics  and QRG (Quick Reference Guide) for Excel Formula & Function Basics

Quick Start Notes for Excel Online Class

Online Classes (designed to be about 2 hours long)


The following is the list of courses that I taught for the small business that I worked for. The course material was laid out but was customizable. I used the basic layout and some of the data files, but I did move things around as needed to fit my audiences.

Class List


Here is the evaluation form that I created for the classes. Evaluation Form