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Steve JobsSteve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
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No sugar coating here. If Jobs had been less of a jerk, I wonder if he would have been as inspired and driven as he was. I have a much clearer view of why and how Apple became and still is so successful. I totally understand why Apple is a closed system, something that I used to criticize.

I have to admit, it surprised the heck out of me that Jobs was such a hippie. LSD and all included….there’s no denying that the man knew how to look into the future and give people what they want before they know they want it. Yeah, he was an ass – treated people like crap, including his family – and he was a narcissistic manic-depressive with a dark side. Still, it’s hard to miss the respect and affection….and love that the people in his life gave him. (Even if he didn’t always seem to return it).

I think Jobs was like Pandora’s box. A lot of bad things, but without the bad, we probably wouldn’t have the good. And when Jobs was good, he was great. Reading about him was not only educational but also personal – I work in the Apple orbit and I’m so much more aware of what Jobs wanted for his customers and company that it will actually affect how I do my job.

Thank you, Mr. Isaacson, for giving us a partial look into Steve Jobs, both the good and bad.

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