GoodReads Review – Divergent (Divergent #1)

Divergent (Divergent, #1)Divergent by Veronica Roth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Read this soon after I read the Hunger Games, and just recently re-read the whole series. I’ve also seen the first movie so I now have the actors faces inserted into the roles…particularly Kate Winslet as Jeanine and Ashley Judd as Natalie Prior. As the first book of the trilogy, it’s a great start, very action-oriented and exciting. I like the characters (at least the ones I’m supposed to like!) and I have a little trouble picturing things, but that’s more likely due to the fact that I’ve never lived in a big city, so I can’t quite comprehend the number of people we’re talking about here, or the size of the area they all occupy. This would actually be an okay stand-alone novel if the ending hadn’t been a cliff-hanger. In fact, it might have actually been better if it hadn’t been a trilogy – but more about that in my next reviews. Let’s just say I enjoyed this one enough to read it twice and see the movie.

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