GoodReads Review – The Good Lawyer

The Good Lawyer (Good Lawyer, #1)The Good Lawyer by Thomas Benigno
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Very similar to The Lincoln Lawyer. And the author put in a section about attending a wedding that took up about 2 pages and basically had nothing to do with the story plot. So many secondary characters in it that I started getting confused about who was who, the author would throw a name in (last name only), give them an occupation, then they’d show up a few more times. And another unnecessary part….the whole Charlie Farkas Jr. part near the end. Sorry, but the perp didn’t have to have a new lawyer tell the ‘good’ lawyer all that stuff. It’s not like the good lawyer didn’t know he was fu**ed at that point. (And I’m still confused as to why the crazy ex-boyfriend had the one guy killed while he was in Rikers.

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